About Grace Garneau

Usui/Holy Fire® lll Karuna Reiki® Master

Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Masters Degree The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Grace is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a member of The International Center for Reiki Training. She combines Reiki with Brennan Healing Sciences – the study of how to heal by working with the chakras and human energy field. The two modalities combine beautifully together, and she often adds vocal toning, crystals, or guided meditations to her sessions for a unique experience that induces deep relaxation and brings people back into balance so that healing can naturally occur. Her focus is on grounding high frequency energies to create an experience of wellness in our everyday lives. 

Grace’s healing journey began in her teens when she developed a passion for Jungian psychology and began exploring her own dreams and the symbols contained in them. During her college years she experienced painting and drawing as another way to look into the mirror of the psyche and soul, often through the interpretation of symbols. She began teaching art to high school students at Moore College of Art and Design in 1990, and in 1993 she received her Master’s degree in painting from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

That same year, after her mother passed, she attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year program to learn a holistic healing modality that involves working with a person’s energy consciousness and it’s relationship to health and disease. This meant learning about the dynamics of the human energy field as it operates in relation to others and to the environment. Restoring the health of the energy field leads to health of body, mind and spirit. This fascinating study helped Grace to move through the experience of her mother’s passing, and it also led her into a whole new world of helping others experience healing and transformation for both physical illness as well as emotional issues.

She was guided, in 1996, to move from Philadelphia, PA to Sedona, AZ where she lived for fourteen years. During her time in Sedona she sat with various spiritual teachers and became an avid meditator. She also learned about many subjects related to healing that she incorporated into her energy work. Her spiritual path and her exposure to different types of high frequency energies are what guide her in her sessions with clients to find what needs loving attention so that people can make the necessary energetic shifts for healing.

One of the interests that came out of her time in Sedona was working with crystals. She started making crystal grids, both as an art form, and as a method of healing. The grids operate as symbols that have a healing effect when looked at and pondered. The beauty and the geometry of stones is fascinating for her as an artist, and their powerful healing properties are amazing for healing work. Her crystal grids are very beautiful and are like sand paintings, because they get taken apart after being photographed. In 2012 she started offering classes about crystals and crystal grids after having moved to California in 2010.

Something that Grace kept hearing from clients is that they long to develop their intuition more. This inspired her, in 2018, to create an online interview series, that met with a lot of enthusiasm, called ‘Access Your Higher Guidance.’ In this series she interviewed people of various backgrounds and practices about how they connect with their inner knowing and how they apply it in their lives.

Since then, what she has found most powerful for developing intuition is the study and use of Reiki energy. She became a Usui Reiki Master in 2019 at The Ananda Wellness Sanctuary in Santa Rosa, and found it to be totally transformative. She discovered that even just reading about, or thinking about Reiki, brought her a feeling of peaceful happiness. The Reiki energies made it possible for her to ‘turn things over’ to spirit in a way that she had not been able to before, and issues that had been lingering began to get lighter and lighter without effort. She loves giving Reiki sessions and helping people to cultivate spiritual tools for both physical and emotional well being. She also loves that the energies are transmitted through the use of symbols, since most of her life’s work has involved, in one way or another, the use of visual symbols.

At the beginning of Covid William Lee Rand, the founder of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT,) started teaching Reiki online. Grace took all of his classes from him for both Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki as well as for Holy Fire® lll Karuna Reiki.® Usui Reiki is what most people think of as the ‘traditional Reiki.’ Karuna Reiki® is a type of Reiki that was developed by William Rand during his many years of teaching Usui Reiki. The Holy Fire® energy is a more recent development that came about in 2014, and it is an amazing, very powerful energy that gives one the feeling of being loved and taken care of.

During the confinement of Covid, Grace completely immersed herself in the teachings of The International Center for Reiki Training and started teaching both the Usui and Karuna classes online using the ICRT curriculums as well as their manuals and certificates. Now that restrictions have lifted she is very excited to be teaching and giving sessions in-person again.

(Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand)

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