Open To The Source of Your Own Healing

Whether it be through the use of paint, writing, crystals, or vibrational frequencies, my work is to activate the life force within you for healing.

As a healer my passion is for how patterns, appearing as color and light in the aura, allow, or disallow, for a free flow of health and vitality.

As an artist my passion has always been for how the geometry of color and light creates openings for intimacy…with self, with others, and with The Divine.

Color, light, and vibrational frequencies can be used to help us to open and to be receptive. Opening and being receptive to love is the only thing that heals. With openness we can allow the creative flow to lead us to wholeness.

My meditation practice is what brings me the most joy in life, as well as being in the beauty of nature. I am currently living in Sebastopol, CA.

I am a graduate of the four year Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and I have a master’s degree from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. My bachelor’s degree is from Moore College of Art and Design.

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