About Grace Garneau

Grace’s has a passion for the beauty of Nature all around us, as well as well as for the beauty of ‘Our True Nature’ within us. She loves the geometry, color, and light of crystals as much as she loves the magic of their subtle frequencies. 

🌟Balanced Renewal: Her Crystal Fire sessions are a fusion of Holy Fire® Reiki and Brennan Healing Sciences that integrate vocal toning, crystals, colored light, and guided meditative journeys. They deliver an experience of deep tranquility and result in a balanced energy field where body, mind, and emotions can naturally be restored to a state of wellness.

🔮 Crystal Insights: Grace’s Crystal Readings use the energy of crystals to bring people guidance in all areas of life. Her unique method involves reading tumbled stones combined with energy field analysis and guided crystal meditations to offer insight and inspiration.

🎨 Artistic Connection: Grace’s journey began with a passion for art, dreams, and symbolism. Her extensive artistic background enriches her holistic approach, creating a bridge between inner exploration and external manifestation.

🌄 Sedona’s Influence: During the many years that Grace lived in Sedona, AZ, she immersed herself in meditation, spiritual teachings, and high frequency energies. She draws from this wellspring of experience to guide clients toward transformative energetic shifts.

🌌 Intuitive Expansion: Grace’s dedication to nurturing intuition resulted in her ‘Access Your Higher Guidance’ interview series. She empowers others by delving into diverse perspectives on connecting with inner wisdom.

🌐 Empowering Education: Her passion extends to teaching Reiki. Through her online courses, she initiates people into the art of Holy Fire® Reiki (both Usui and Karuna.) Her classes provide certification from the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT.)

🔮 Symbols of Intention: Grace also makes exquisitely beautiful Crystal Grids that act as conductors of intention to manifest what you desire. Like sand paintings, they are temporary and are taken apart after being photographed.

🌟 Stones Throw Gifts Grace currently lives and works in the beautiful wine country of the San Fransisco NorthBay. In addition to giving sessions online she also sees people in her office at the Stones Throw Crystal Store where there is an amazing selection of stones including many hard to find varieties. (8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931)                            

(Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand)

  Holy Fire® lll Karuna Reiki® Master/Holy Fire® lll Usui Reiki Master/Animal Reiki Master

Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Energy Healing (4 year program)

Masters in Fine Arts – The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

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