Holy Fire® lll Online Reiki Classes   

Reiki has been called “The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness” because it brings peace and happiness to people who practice or receive it. It is a deeply relaxing Japanese practice that is known for promoting wellbeing and for enhancing intuitive abilities. It can also help people to be guided to opportunities and resources that align them with their highest calling.

These classes are the most up-to-date from The International Center for Reiki Training. They include both traditional Usui Reiki as well as the Holy Fire® energy which is a very beautiful, powerful energy that gives a feeling of being deeply loved and cared for. Classes also include the most recent World Peace upgrade.

Student Testimonials

“I have attended many workshops in the past and this series of classes led by Grace stands out above the rest. She attended to the students needs and questions throughout the course, and was very transparent about the way The International Center for Reiki Training and its founder William Lee Rand approach teaching this particular workshop and when she included her own ideas she was clear to mention so.  I walked away feeling like I had a clear overall understanding of the history of Reiki, and the additions of William and the Karuna Reiki®  Holy Fire® Reiki lineages. She is a strong teacher and energy healer, able to hold a safe, exploratory space where we were able to process the experiences with one another, which I greatly appreciated. I would recommend others take this course with her as she is clearly well studied and has a strong intellectual and experiential history as an energy healer. She also provided extra notes and material to help us as we adjust to the new information and procedures of teaching the class. Thank you Grace!”   Christine Engblom 

I loved this class. The ignitions were amazing and the Karuna symbols are so powerful. I was able to feel the energy flowing much more deeply when both giving and receiving Reiki. Grace is not only a healer but also very intuitive. She combines her artistic and intuitive abilities and creates a wonderful feeling of synergy of all. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and a trainer. I love Holy Fire Karuna Reiki. Thank you so much! Blessings!!!    ADM – Reiki Master and healer

I was honored to be a Reiki student of Grace Garneau. She was thorough and concise as an instructor. Grace is gifted with the powerful energy that she holds in her hands to heal. Her understanding of Reiki principles is enhanced by her own skill as a deeply intuitive, potent Reiki healer.    Julienne Waters 

I took my Reiki training with Reiki Master/Teacher Grace Garneau. Her style of teaching is comprehensive, vivid and engaging. I had next to no prior knowledge of how Reiki works or what it can be of use for, so I was a little anxious that I wouldn’t be able to conceptualize it, let alone leave the training feeling I had successfully grasped understanding it and being able to utilize it in a short time. Grace made it very easy and clear to follow and apply. Reiki is an important tool and Grace is in her zone of genius as a teacher and Reiki Master.   Mia Miller 

Grace is a very intuitive healer and Reiki practitioner. I have received a number of very profound healings from Grace, which always seem to go right to the root of the issue and transform the situation from there. In addition, Grace is a very structured and empathic teacher and guide of the Reiki Teachings. She sincerely loves the work & its energy and it really shows!   Peter Evans 

Grace’s spiritual energy is ignited even through an online class. I can hear and feel the passion and compassion she has for Reiki. If you’re thinking about taking a class form Grace I recommend it! Thank you, Grace, for the amazing classes. You’re an awesome teacher! Laura Sardina

Reiki l & ll Course Description

In this very thorough, beginning level class from The International Center for Reiki Training you will be empowered to be able to use Reiki energies through soothing, relaxing processes that are like guided meditations. These Holy Fire® processes are even more effective for transmitting the use of the Usui symbols than the traditional Reiki attunements. Over this weekend you will receive a total of four of these energy transmissions. (Two each day.)

On the first day the Reiki l class gives you the knowledge and the ability to use Reiki energy on yourself. In this class you will learn about what Reiki is and what it is used for, as well as the history of Reiki and the history of the Holy Fire® energy.

There will be a guided practice session for giving yourself Reiki.

Some Japanese healing techniques you will learn are:

The Gassho meditation – to attune yourself to Reiki energy and to develop your Reiki channels

Kenyoku – for clearing yourself of unwanted energies.

Byosen scanning – for sensing where to send Reiki energy

Reiji-ho – to be intuitively guided to where Reiki is needed.

On the second day the Reiki ll class gives you the use of three Usui Reiki symbols that can be used for yourself and for others. You will learn the history of the symbols as well as how to draw them, how to use them, and the many things they can be used for.

There will be a guided practice session for giving Reiki to another person.

Techniques you will learn are:

Gyoshi-ho – giving Reiki with the eyes

Enkanku chiryo – sending Reiki long distance with a photo

                                            Usui Reiki Master Course Description

Reiki Master   In this class you will receive the Usui Master symbol and the Holy Fire® symbol.  You will be able to practice and to teach all levels of Holy Fire® lll Usui Reiki. The prerequisite is having completed Reiki l & ll at least 6 months prior so that your Reiki channels have had time to develop. (More information coming.)

                                         Karuna Reiki Master Course Description

Karuna Reiki Master   Karuna Reiki® is a path of compassion that is immensely healing and empowering. Working with these energies is excellent for grounding, for manifesting, and for stepping into your power.  In this 3 day class you will receive the Holy Fire® symbol and the 8 Karuna Reiki® symbols. You will be able to practice and to teach both Holy Fire® lll Karuna Reiki® as well as Holy Fire® Usui Reiki. The prerequisite is having been a Reiki Master for at least 6 months. (More information coming.)


 Questions?  Please email Grace through the Contact Form, or call her at  928-274-2086.

(Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand)


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