Reiki Infused Crystal Grids for Manifestation

Would you like to experience a type of healing that gives you continuing results even after the session is over?These  Crystal Grids are a healing modality that Grace developed during the 14 years that she lived in Sedona, Arizona. They are works of art that produce a healing effect when they are looked upon, and worked with, in conjunction with a powerful intention. Each grid is infused with powerful Reiki energy.



Crystal grids are arrangements of stones that are created with a purpose or an intention, such as for healing, or for a certain manifestation. They have been made throughout history in many different cultures. Crystals are powerful conductors of thought that transmit light, and they serve to anchor intentions into the physical.

When Grace make a grid for you, she does it with a specific intention for healing that you decide upon. She then tunes into your energy field to create an opening for your limiting energetic patterns to be shifted in order to move in the direction of the kind of healing you want. She then creates a grid that carries an energetic frequency that will make a contribution to shifting your energy field into wholeness. These sessions are always done remotely (unlike the Reiki Sessions which can be done both in person or remotely.) Before disassembling the grid a few days later, she photographs it and emails the photo to you so that you can have the added benefit of continuing to use the image for healing on your own.

The subconscious is very impressionable to visual stimulation, and the effect of color, light and design on the psyche bypasses the intellect to effect change in the energy body. It is not necessary to understand the grid for it to have an effect, although there is certainly meaning contained in it. The colors of the stones might correspond to the chakras.  The positioning of the stones sometimes make reference to parts and systems of the body, parts of the energy field, or to levels of awareness. Sometimes there is symbolic meaning to the placement or the choice of a stone. When the crystals have points they are usually pointed in the direction of the beneficial energy flow…which may be towards a chakra, another person, or a desired outcome.

There are two ways to continue receiving the full benefits of the healing from the photograph. One is by looking at it as often as possible…in the car, on the refrigerator, the altar etc. The other way is to use the photograph in an open-eyed meditation for transformation. Suggestions for how to do this are included when she sends you the photo.

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