Auric RePatterning Sessions

Would you like to break out of old habits and create new health, new vitality and a new relationship with life? Receiving a healing from me will bring your auric field back into balance in a way that reflects your needs of the current moment rather than the past.

Throughout our lives we often develop unconscious patterns of self protection that, while they may be useful in the moment we create them, are often still lingering with us after their usefulness has declined. These ways of relating to our environment and circumstances show up in the aura as patterns that can decrease our health and vitality as well as our receptivity to self love and love from others.

Patterns that are no longer useful can be changed…sometimes instantly, and sometimes over time.

I use my body, and my state of being, as a conduit for healing energies. Whether I’m working with you long distance, or in person, I use crystals to affect different parts of the body, and I do vocal toning into the chakras. Your energy body comes into balance and harmony through color, light, sound, and vibration. My approach to healing is very much like that of painting…except that I’m painting with energetic frequencies. Your experience is likely to be one of deep relaxation and well being.

Sometimes, during a healing, information is revealed to me about the energetic pattern that is creating or perpetuating a specific condition. Most often, when this occurs, it comes in the form of seeing the chakras or the movements of energy in the aura. I then interpret what I see to convey what it means and how it may apply to your life. These images are sketches of auric fields.
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