In-Person and Online

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Crystal Fire Reiki Session – $120  (1 1/2hr)

These are powerfully restorative energy sessions that are a fusion of Holy Fire® Reiki and Barbara Brennan Healing Science. They integrate vocal toning, crystals, colored light, and guided meditative journeys creating an experience of deep tranquility. The result is a balanced energy field in which body, mind, and emotions can naturally align with a state of wellness

Compassion Key® – $108 (1hr)

With Compassion Key® Grace guides you to use the power of your own compassion to transform any part of your life at the karmic level. Eliminate repeat patterns that cause unhappiness in your life. These are talk sessions that are most often conducted online.

Crystal Divination – $108  (1hr)

Crystal Readings use the energy of crystals to bring people guidance in all areas of life. These are talk sessions in which Grace reads a person’s energy field and also receives information from reading tumbled stones to offer insight and inspiration about their life situation. She sometimes does a guided meditation to invite the energy of the stones to help bring resolution to a problem.

Holy Fire® Reiki “Experience” – $54  (45min)

“Experiences” provide insight and guidance, relaxation, and a feeling of well being. They are different from regular Reiki sessions, because in a Reiki session energy is channelled through the practitioner to the client. In the “Experiences,” however, the energy of the Holy Fire® works on the client directly. After a short meditative process the energy of the Holy Fire works with you in silence for about 25 minutes. 

Relationship Dynamics – $175  (1 1/2-2hr)

This is for two people to improve the ways in which they relate to each other by working with the energy patterns between them. Sessions may involve lying on massage tables side by side receiving energy work, or they may involve talking and observing the energy patterns that arise. Most often they include both.

Animal Reiki – $35-125 (30min)

Animal Reiki Sessions give your pet or beloved animal friend an opportunity to experience the healing frequencies of Holy Fire Reiki. Grace is an ICRT Animal Reiki Master, and is also a nurturing and devoted pet lover with years of experience in the pet care business. (Prices are variable, because sessions can be online, in her office, or at your home, and because some animals need to be worked on in unusual or challenging situations.)

(Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.)

(Compassion Key® is a registered service mark of Edward Mannix)

(Grace does not sell stones. If you wish to buy stones they can be purchased at crystal stores or online. If you meet with her in person, her office is conveniently located above the Stones Throw Crystal Store at 8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931.)

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