Reiki Sessions

In-Person and Online

Crystal Fire Healing Session – $90  (1hr)

This is a powerfully restorative energy session that is a combination of Holy Fire® Reiki and Brennan Healing Science. It heals both physical and emotional challenges by addressing the root cause that can be seen in the patterns of the aura. Sessions sometimes include portions of any of the offerings below.

Reiki “Experience” – $75  (45min)

“Experiences” provide healing, insight and guidance on one’s situation in life. They are different from regular Reiki sessions, because normally in a Reiki session energy is channelled through Grace, to you, for healing. In the “Experiences,” however, the energy of the Holy Fire® conducts the healing directly, so it doesn’t go through Grace. The way that that happens is that she guides you through a short meditation which invites the energy to be with you. Then it is silent for roughly 20 minutes. During that time she also sends you Reiki energy.

Crystal Energy Session – $60  (30min)

Find out what crystals and stones you are needing for your healing, and receive their healing frequencies in this relaxing and rejuvenating session. Grace will channel and transmit the energy of the stones to you with Reiki and will tell you which stone energies come through during your session.

(She does not sell stones, so if you wish to buy any of them they can be purchased at your local mineral store or online.)

Relationship Dynamic Session – $125  (1hr)

This session is for two people to heal the ways in which they relate to each other by observing the energy patterns between them. It usually requires a series of sessions.

It is best to start with each person having a Crystal Fire Session first – followed by a Relationship Dynamic Session with both people together.

Custom Crystal Grid Image – $90  (Emailed to you within a week of ordering)

Receive a healing image of a Reiki Infused crystal grid made just for you. Grace tunes into your aura to ‘read’ what you are needing and creates a crystal grid that she photographs for you. Both the crystal grid as well as the photograph are infused with Reiki energy so that you receive healing on an ongoing basis from looking at the image of your grid. You are not present for this session, but instead receive the image with an explanation by email.

(Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand)

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